Ghost vs Ghost+

Ghost and Ghost+ share the exact same cable. The difference lies in the connectors used along with additional assembly stages in the Ghost+ line that allow small but significant improvements to discerning listeners.

The Ghost line uses industry standard Neutrik connectors for XLR, TRS, TS and RCA connections.

The Ghost+ line uses machined stainless steel connectors with tellurium copper contact pins made to order for us by a Taiwanese company called aeco.

Ghost+ is wrapped in a clear tech flex which not only makes the cable look and feel better, but also improves coiling and serves as a slight antistatic dampener.

Ghost+ is burned in on a high powered cable cooker before shipping.  This cooking process equates to 200+ hours of constant use to help open up and stabilize the sound of the cable in its preferred signal directionality. The directionality for all Ghost Cable is always *with* the lettering of both the heat shrink and the cable jacket print.

We choose gold plate conductors as default for all of our connectors because the majority of high end pro audio gear made in the last 10-20 years uses gold plated pins on their TS/TRS/XLR connection inlets.

In our tests, we prefer the sound of gold contacting gold over any unmatched metal to metal contact (ie: nickel contacting gold, or silver contacting gold). If you are interested in ordering different plating for your Ghost cable connectors, please get in touch before ordering to see if we have the desired parts in stock.