Ghost Cable originated in 2015 when two professional mastering engineers, Giancarlo Camera and Robb Robinson, discovered an Italian made cable that effortlessly surpassed any other cable they had tried prior.

After rewiring their mastering rooms entirely with Ghost cable, they began sharing excess cable with engineers and producers from all over the world. The positive feedback they received along with demand for more cable has been overwhelming.

After 4 years and many thousands of mixes and masters done exclusively thru the original Ghost Cable, Giancarlo and Robb, with assistance from other mastering engineers, decided to revisit the original design in an attempt to further improve the transparency of sound, particularly in the low-mid frequency region.

A long R&D effort achieved the goal of retaining, yet improving upon the original sound of a cable that is now referred to as 'Ghost Beta'.  The effortless transient response of the original Ghost Beta remains unaltered, but the low mid transient punch and weight has been improved towards greater source preservation. 

In early 2022, with the confidence of Ghost Cable at an all time high, the team decided to offer the cable publicly in 3 initial variations: Analog, Digital and Instrument.  An 8 channel analog multicore cable called 'Ghost Snake' along with a high power speaker cable called 'Ghost Speaker' have already passed prototyping and will soon be available.